Specialization offered by Dr. Bipin Ghanghurde, M.B.B.S., M.S.(Ortho), European Diploma In Hand Surgery


Dr. Bipin Ghanghurde has specialization across various types of surgeries including the following:

Complex Distal Radius Fractures

Arthroscopic TFCC Repairs

Arthroscopic Wrist Joint Evaluation

Fractures and Malunited Fractures

Complex Distal Radius Fractures

Carpal Injuries

Fixation of Carpal Fractures

Scaphoid Fractures and Non Union

Vascularised Bone Grafts for Scaphoid

Vascularised Bone Grafts and Treatment of Kienbock’s Disease (AVN of Lunate)

Proximal Row Carpectomy for Various Carpal Related Problems

Intercarpal Fusions for Various Carpal Problems

Four Corner Fusion

Carpometacarpal Arthritis (CMC)

LRTI Surgery FCR, Hemi FCR

Suspensionplasty APL

Proximal Interphalangeal Joint

Suzuki Frame Application for PIP Joint Fracture Dislocation

Hemihamate Surgery for Old PIP Joint Fracture Dislocation

Carpal Tunnel Surgery (Endoscopic and Open)

Trigger Finger Surgery

Dupuytren’s Contracture Surgery

De Quervain’s Tendinosis Surgery

PIP and MCP Joint Arthroplasty (Joint Replacement)

Tendon Repair

– Primary Repair
– Delayed Primary Repair
– Secondary Repair

Tendon Transfers


Brachial Plexus Surgery

Brachial Plexus Birth Injuries

Microvascular Surgeries: Nerve Repair

– Nerve grafting
– Blood vessel repair
– Vein grafting

Skin Grafts

Skin Flaps

Closed Reduction and Fixation


Infection of Joint and Soft Tissue of Hand Management

Surgical Drainage or Debridement

Congenital Hand Management

Syndactaly Release

Apert Syndrome Complex Hand Management

Acrosyndactaly and Construction Band Syndrome Release

Radial Club Hand Management

Hypoplastic Thumb Management


Hubers Transfer

Camptodactaly Release

Deviated Fingers

Ulnar Club Hand Management

Finger Tip Injuries Management

Nail Bed Repair

Cross Finger Flap

Vascularised Flaps

Thenar Flaps

Free Flaps

Nail Deformity Reconstruction

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